Vax-Con Recorded

Vax-Con '21 The Recording

Can't get enough of Vax-Con '21!? Here's your solution!

We have been so overwhelmed with the interest in Vax-Con '21 that we have decided to offer a video and audio recording of the CE* presentations at Vax-Con 2021. Bring this invaluable information back to your friends, colleagues, peers, and community members.

Vax-Con '21 The Recording - $99

What is included in Vax-Con The Recording?

  • COVID-19 - Following the Science and the Evidence
  • COVID-19 Vaccines 101: Vaccine Development and Regulatory Landscape
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: Evaluating Vaccine Safety Science
  • Plandemic and Beyond: Identifying Dangerous Complications of Masks and COVID Vaccines in Vulnerable Populations
  • Vax-Con '21 Panel Presentation

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*CE credit only available to those who attended the live sessions at Vax-Con 2021.

I bought Vax-Con '21 The Recording. What now?

You will receive an auto email upon purchase of the bundle letting you know that you will be notified when the courses become available. To access the videos once they are published, you will use your login information (created at check out) to login and view your purchases. 

Happy listening!